An Introvert at RWA 2016

Last week I attended The Romance Writers of America’s annual writers conference. It was my second time attending.

Just like my first time, I found it to be immensely inspiring and uplifting. Even with my introvert tendencies, I was able to easily meet new people because everyone there wants the same thing; A career in writing, especially romance. And hearing about other people’s successes, their confidence, their struggles, and journeys infused me with a major self esteem boost.

The guest speakers were especially inspiring: Beverley Jenkins, Dr. Valerie Young, and Sherry Thomas.

When my introvert self started to become overwhelmed, I didn’t push back because then I’d just get fried. I allowed myself to forget about my schedule for a little while, found a quiet spot to sit–usually in the sun to warm up from the frigid hotel conference rooms–and let it all flow through me. Then I’d feel recharged and go back to being social.

Even with mini-mental-breaks, by the evenings, I’d still be mentally wiped out, and my social interactions would taper off. I didn’t worry about it though because I had awesome roommates who totally understood me.

Angela Quarles and Jami Gold are fabulous writers, independently published, and so smart and nice. And they’re both award winners! If you haven’t read their books, you’re missing out. 😀